Project Description


The secret elevator is one of six available for use as part of the Workbench in The Pinnacle, the Catacombs and Vaults. To gain entry to the elevator, a pair of rusted-out red eye spectacles can be found in the cart on the second floor of the Keep. Head to the depths beneath the Keep and enter the secret elevator, which takes you to the second floor of the Keep (Note: The previous floor has since been re-entered and has now been marked as inaccessible)

The secret elevator is located inside a small alcove at the end of a spiral staircase on the bottom level of the Keep.

Location Edit

Lower classes now have a situation room with a radio and enclosed floor spaces

Can now place shelves on the bunks and, with the multiple piece set, the desks and chairs.
An illustration of someone trying to have sex with the female president
Models Full Game!
More environmental assets, more and better!
Added an aggressive rendering mode (Fully synthetic render with depth bakes)
Global Lighting, shadows, and render distances can now be controlled (duh)
Updated GI with re-generated HDR renders.
Updated white point (displays an original render at 120% white point as opposed to the default 100% white point).