Project Description


A strange building block that can be found floating in the air, who knows where or when, a weird secret elevator and ghost underground?
Create the form of the portal that leads from the world inside your nightmares to the outside.
Capture enemies, collect items, and solve puzzles in a dark dystopian realm. A mysterious voice will warn you if you’re going astray.
* Some animations will cause players to fly out of control. Please be sure to check your Controls settings before restarting.
* Sometimes you will be unable to go to the minimap. This is the control settings problem.
* Some dark rooms and sections of the game are very glitchy.

The letters are all completely straight on a 20×20 grid. As in Letter P, there are two rows of blocks in each corner, and there are nine blocks in each row of the building. The letter B is a very unusual letter, so it is a very strange building block. It is somewhat further along the block than the letter A, but the two rows are both the same length, while the nine blocks are separated by four blocks. As of this writing, there is only one sequence of A and B that comes out of this building block, i.e. letters on a 20×20 grid.