Project Description


A notebook full of notes, perhaps something to be sold, it just wasn’t clear.

Bunching up on pens in the spare room, he tucked them inside a couple of wrapping bags, which would explain his flying shades. Unfolding the first a map of the residential area was found in his hands, much to the annoyance of his roommate, Harry crossed the street to where the Society had their headquarters. The white building had been set up to look like a family home, but was actually somewhat vast, filled with a large library, an art gallery, and even a temple of a pretty black hat. All the floors looked the same, showing this family being well cared for, other than a hallway through the center that would take Harry past the library and arts section.

“She’d stop to check her emails or look something up, and ask a staffer to give her a readout. When people used a computer, you did some typing to make it look like you were paying attention,” a former senior White House official said.

“She looked like someone who cared about doing something important. And her key aides said she didn’t give her staffers orders, didn’t meddle, was more in touch with her online base than people knew,” the former senior administration official said.