Welcome to Quest.Cards.

Quest.cards is a video puzzle game.

Watch the video, visit the page URL displayed on the card, solve the puzzles, and unlock the achievement badges. To collect your badge, you must create a free account for Quest.Cards. Then your badge will appear to your account profile. Also, every time you solve a Quest.Cards you will collect and points. The amount of points depends on the difficulty of the puzzle. Also points will appear to your Quest.Cards profile.

To solve the puzzle, you must think out of the box. Watch the clues on the video. Sometimes you must hear the audio carefully. Sometimes it is something completely different…

For the best experience, watch the videos on monitor/tv and solve them on mobile. You can access the solve page by typing the URL on the card or scan the QR Code on the card. 

The format of the URL is quest.cards/xx where xx is the number of the Quest.Card. For example the URL for card 5 is quest.cards/5.

You can find Hints & Tips at the Hints Page.

For updates for new cards, please follow theFacebook page, the Instagram page, or the Youtube playlist of Quest.Cards.

Thank you for playing Quest.Cards

Have fun!